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    Network Monitoring

    Efficient IT infrastructure management is about predictive and pre-emptive management, not knee-jerk, panicked reaction, too-late troubleshooting or problem-resolution after an event. Our proactive Insight Monitoring Service oversees a wide range of technology that is performed at varying service levels. The result is improved, more consistent service, greater quality, stability, reduced cost, and the ability to respond quickly to changes.

  • managed security services

    managed security services

    The headlines are full of it, and more so every day. Security is everyone's concern, because a breach risks everything. For all its function and capacity, the Internet has in some ways become a less secure and reliable medium. Inadequate security can cost you customers, profits, your business and your future. ExterNetworks Managed Security Solutions protect you with a range of proprietary tools and processes to lessen the incessant onslaught of viruses, guard against outside intrusions that eliminate key system codes, and defend against the malicious commands they trigger.